The Latest Dental Technologies

Our goal at Daybreak Dental is to provide the very best dental services to our guests in an atmosphere of personalized comfort, skilled treatment, beautiful office surroundings and state-of-the-art equipment. We want each person’s dental experience to be a positive one and take the time to get to know and enjoy our dental family while we provide them with quality dental care, plaque removal, and teeth cleaning in Battle Ground.


Intra-oral camera

An intra-oral camera is about the size of a pen, so it fits easily into your mouth. We are able to see a magnified color replica of your teeth and gums.

Air Abrasion – Drill-Free Dentistry

Think of an air-abrasion system as a mini-sandblaster that we use for teeth cleaning in Battle Ground. Instead of turning on a whirring drill, a dentist gives you a pair of goggles and then directs a thin, high-speed stream of air-blown microscopic particles that gently removes decay from your tooth.


There’s no heat, no vibration, and many times it’s all done without numbing your mouth. You’ll feel some coolness but it won’t hurt.

air-abrasion Because this Battle Ground teeth cleaning system can be precisely directed, there’s less tooth structure lost in preparing for a filling.