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Emergency Dentist

Even though they’re tiny, teeth can cause enormous amounts of pain. We know that sometimes treatment can’t wait. That’s why Daybreak Dental offers emergency dentist care in Battle Ground for sudden complications that you can’t put off.

We offer emergency appointments for our clients

Consider the following scenario: You’re working late in the office on a Friday night, and shut the lights down and remember that you left your keys on your desk. You go back to get them when suddenly OUCH! You trip and hit your mouth on the snack table that didn’t get cleaned up after the office party. Your mouth is bleeding, and your face is swollen. What do you do? Wait until the weekend ends?

If you or a family member have an emergency such as this, waiting to contact a dentist may cause permanent harm to your teeth. If you are one of our patients and need an emergency dentist in Battle Ground, you can contact Dr. Fu after hours by calling the office and we’ll make an appointment to see you as soon as we can.

Emergency Dentist Battle Ground

If your tooth is knocked out, don’t panic! Follow these steps and it will be able to be reimplanted.

  1. Find the knocked-out tooth and pick it up by the crown (the chewing surface). Do not touch the root.
  2. Reduce mouth bleeding using a sterile gauze pad.
  3. If the tooth is dirty, rinse the tooth in a cup of purified water, not under the sink. Do not dry or wrap in cloth or tissue afterward.
  4. Attempt to reinsert the tooth. Hold by the crown and push the root back inside the socket.
    • If you are unable to do this, place the tooth in a cup of milk. Whole milk works best. If you don’t have milk, use saliva or keep it in your mouth in your cheek.
  5. Call a dentist. If you can’t get ahold of your dentist, go to the emergency room of the nearest hospital immediately.
    • If you did not reinsert the tooth, transport it in the cup of milk or saliva. The nerves of a tooth are quickly damaged if dry.

For a visual demonstration, see this instructional video.

We may be able to save damaged teeth

Some dental emergencies can be reversed by our Battle Ground emergency dentists if you act quickly. A knocked-out tooth may be able to be reimplanted, saving you from needing a prosthetic. If you have a dental crisis and need dental urgent care in Battle Ground, call us and we’ll do our best to limit the damage.