Family Dentist in Battle Ground

Family Dentist Battle Ground

As a family dentist in Battle Ground, Daybreak Dental is your one-stop dental clinic for the whole family. Our wide-range of services cover the needs of all ages, whether it’s a child’s first cleaning or your grandmother’s professional denture whitening.

We help young children get comfortable with the dentist

We believe in creating a positive dental experience for children to prevent future adult dental phobics. Fun roll playing, show and tell technique are both incorporated to into their appointments. We also offer review home care tips we used for our kids to help maintain their oral health.

A lot of kids are scared of going to the dentist. We know that all of the strange-looking machines and unusual noises can be frightening for children. That’s why we do whatever we can to calm down young ones and answer their questions calmly and informatively. If the patient is calm and submissive to dental procedures, it’s easier and less stressful for both them and us, and that goes double for kids!

Interested in our equipment or procedures? Just ask!

It’s not just children that are curious. If you see something new or have questions about any of our dental treatments or equipment, we’re happy to answer your questions. As your local dental office in Battle Ground, we’ll do whatever you can to see you smile. Call or contact us today to ask us about our various services, if you have a dental emergency, or to schedule your appointment!