Most everyone knows good hydration in these hot days of summer is important. But did you know your choice of liquids can make a huge difference to both your body and your teeth. Commonly advertised as replenishing your body’s electrolytes,  hydration in the form of Gatorade is actually chock full of acids (think battery acid here) and sugars. A most definite NO for the health of your teeth. I would say the most decay I see in patients are those folks who drink a lot of sugary sodas or Gatorade weekly, thinking that is OK to keep hydrated. In fact, a lot of sugars make you feel even more thirsty!  If you HAVE to have a soda, plan to brush afterwards, or when you can’t do that, have plain water or eat some cheddar cheese–that is alkaline and will balance out the acid in the soda–at least some.

Keep this in mind and stick to water or non sugared flavored water, and keep those teeth and your smile healthy!