Dr. Judith Ris

Hello! I am Dr. Judith Ris, and I am a graduate of Oregon Health Science University in Portland, OR, and have been a dentist since 1982. Prior to that, I was a registered nurse for 12 years. I have had my dental practice in Battle Ground, WA since 2000 and have really enjoyed providing quality dentistry to people of all ages in our beautiful up-to-date facility. Come enjoy relaxing in our cozy reception area complete with fireplace! We also have a playroom just inside for busy little people with books, toys and movies.

In our office, we have a cracker-jack team of highly trained and educated professionals to provide our patients with services from routine cleanings and fillings to the more involved periodontal treatments, root canals and extractions. We also love being involved in our cosmetic dentistry services, which range from bleaching and cosmetic porcelain coverings (veneers) to full mouth reconstructions of broken down teeth. Nothing is more rewarding than hearing a happy patient say, "Doctor, it didn't hurt to fix my teeth and I totally love my new smile!" I'm continually taking dental education classes to ensure that I can give my patients the very best in clinical techniques. At Daybreak Dental, we utilize wonderful tools such as intra-oral cameras, air abrasion and computers on which I can do a before and after cosmetic smile makeover as our patients watch, and then take home a printed copy for themselves. You can see how terrific YOUR smile can be! Pretty cool.

Our office is relaxed and patient friendly with a very competent office staff that help our patients to utilize a variety of payment methods allowing them to get their needed dentistry done. Our team is what makes it all happen around here and I feel very fortunate to have such an awesome set of professionals to work with--they allow me to provide the very best in dentistry to our patients.

Do come in to see us, we'd love to meet you!



Hi! My name is Bonnie, and I am Dr. Ris' office manager. I have been in the dental field for 20 years and I enjoy the advancing technology and the opportunity to meet and work with people. I have been here at Daybreak Dental since 2001.

I believe we work together best when we are well informed and are willing to listen and share with others. This has proven to be the key to a good understanding of how to work with insurance companies. This ensures our patients are knowledgeable of their options. We welcome any questions they may have.

I am an outdoor person away from the office and have lived in Battle Ground for 15 years and love the area. I enjoy gardening, music and reading.



Hello! My name is LaDonna. I have been a certified and expanded function trained dental assistant for 15 years and have worked with Dr. Ris since 2001. She is a great dentist and really cares about our patients and their dental health. In addition, she is excellent at relaxing anxious dental patients, which allows them to get their needed dentistry done.

I love being an integral part of our dynamic dental team and very much enjoy chatting with our interesting patients. Dr. Ris and I are such an experienced dental duo that we don't need to talk teeth much and instead, commonly have a 3-part conversation with our patients during dental treatment. Suddenly the work is done and often we aren't even done with the subject at hand!

Come in and visit our office here at Daybreak Dental. You will find us a great place to get dentistry done and achieve your dream smile. See you soon!



Meet Adam, our hygienist. He is trained at the highly regarded Clark Hygiene School, graduating in 2015. He is an excellent and gentle clinician and eager to assist our patients in achieving their best dental hygiene. Adam is married with two young children and enjoys the great outdoors with his family.