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Daybreak Dental’s custom crowns are microengineered to restore badly damaged or fractured teeth. Our crowns are specifically designed to strengthen the tooth structure that remains and prevent further breakdown from occurring. Dental crowns can be made from several different materials, the most common being white porcelain zirconia. We take pride in our work and want to provide you with the most esthetic restoration possible, so we take an additional step with every crown and provide a custom shade selection at no extra charge to you. This ensures a seamless color transition so your crown looks identical to your natural teeth. During the cementation appointment your dentist will take several steps to ensure that your new crown fits your tooth perfectly. These additional processes ensure that our crowns will last longer, not cause gum disease, and will be more resistant to decay than crowns that have not been properly seated. Once the crown is seated fully our doctors use precision materials and instruments to adjust the bite to ensure better adaptation of the new crown to your mouth, which prevents jaw and muscle pain.

Daybreak Dental Dentist
Daybreak Dental Dentist


Premature tooth loss can be both a functional and esthetic problem. To treat this, our dentists utilize the latest technology available to place and restore dental implants to replace one or multiple teeth. A dental implant is a biocompatible titanium “screw” that is surgically placed into the jaw bone and self integrates with the bone. This implant serves as the structural support for a prosthetic tooth to be placed on top. 

A dental implant is the best option for a missing tooth as it supports the remaining teeth, underlying jawbone, and facial structures and allows you to eat the foods you enjoy.

Endodontic Treatment

Root canal therapy is a procedure that allows your dentist to save natural teeth. Teeth that have deep cavities are often painful as the cavity bacteria infects the pulp, or nerve, of the tooth. This can create pain, infection, and a health risk to the patient. When pain and infection occurs, your dentist is often able to save your natural tooth by completing a root canal procedure.  This is a procedure that removes the infected bacterial-laden pulp and fills the area with a sterile material that prevents the pain and infection from returning. This allows the patient to have a healthy, pain-free, natural smile!

During the root canal procedure our dentists will take the time to completely numb the area so you won’t feel anything during the procedure. Once the procedure is completed, your dentist will place a crown over the treated tooth to further protect your tooth from future damage. In this manner patients can continue to eat the foods they enjoy without pain.

Daybreak Dental Dentist
Daybreak Dental Dentist

Laser Gum Treatment

Laser gum treatments are less invasive, non-surgical ways to promote healing and treat harmful disease-causing bacteria that cause damage to the bone surrounding the teeth. The laser not only kills the bacteria in the area but it also stimulates healthy tissue proliferation. This procedure is very comfortable and is usually done without the need for injections and numbing. Our patients have greatly benefitted from this non-surgical option and we are proud to offer it in our office.


Bioclear is one of the newest restorative techniques in dentistry, and our dentists at Daybreak Dental are two of only a small handful of Bioclear-certified dentists in the state of Washington. Bioclear is a novel method of removing the infected portion of a tooth that spares the surrounding tooth enamel, resulting in the need for less drilling. This technique can be used to treat spaces between teeth as well as build up larger areas that have been lost due to cavities or fractures. This technique preserves your natural tooth and decreases the risk for root canal treatment.  Our patients also have less post-op sensitivity and can keep their natural teeth longer.

Daybreak Dental Dentist